Organic Japanese Sencha Miyazaki First Flush 1 kg

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Premium Sencha from Miyazaki Prefecture

A stunning first-harvest shincha from the legendary Miyazaki tea-growing region, completely hand-crafted. Old traditional production methods are still followed in Miyazaki. The tea leaves are steamed shortly after picking to stop oxidation.

Thanks to the medium Chumushi steaming (40–80 s), the leaves have been preserved whole, but they still give a richer and fuller flavor than the teas that have gone through the light Asamushi steaming (20–40 s). The more tea is steamed, the sweeter and more intense the tea becomes. Fukamushi steamed (80–200 s) teas partially melt into the water during brewing and may be sensitive to water temperature and brewing time.

A lush, fresh and sweet top sencha that matches Miyazaki's familiar quality. The taste has the softness of umami and the saltiness of seaweed. With subsequent brews, the sweetness intensifies and the taste develops fruitiness. When using hotter water, the sweetness recedes and the tea reveals pine-like nuances that play with fine bitterness.

Use tea leaves 2–6 g/2 dl, 1–2 min, 60–80 °C. Boil the same leaves at least three times.

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