Calabash Mate cup

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With the Calabash cup, you take your Mate experience to a new level! Drinking mate is a way for South Americans to get together with family and friends. For many, it is as ingrained a part of culture and life as sauna is for Finns.

Traditionally, Mate cups are made from hollowed out and dried pumpkin skin. Many devoted Mate drinkers consider this kind of natural cup to be the only proper vessel in which to enjoy Mate. The advantage of a cup made of pumpkin is that the pumpkin absorbs the Mate's aromas during use. Enjoying this cup, the Mate experience improves after each use!

Whether you enjoy Matea alone or traditionally with your loved ones, with our beautifully patterned Calabash cups you get an authentic South American experience!

Please note that you also need a traditional Bombilla straw to enjoy Mate. Bombillas are sold separately and you can find them in our selection.

Before using the cup, it must be saturated. The purpose of impregnation is to remove the surface film of the interior, so that no scum comes out of the cup to drink. Impregnation is done by filling the cup up to the edges with moist Mate. After this, the cup is left for about a day in a dry place. Next, the mate is removed from the cup with a spoon, scraping it vigorously to remove the excess liquid. The same is repeated at least once, preferably twice. It takes about 2-3 days to completely impregnate. Note that the cup can get moldy if wet mate is left in the cup for more than a day at a time!

The saturated cup is cleaned by rinsing it with just water and leaving it in a dry place to dry.

The Calabash Mate cup is filled with Mate so that it is about half full. Mate tastes stronger the more Mate there is. Cover the mouth of the cup with your palm and shake. That way, the dust coming off the mat stays in your hand and doesn't block the whistle. Place the Bombilla straw under the mats and pour hot water over the mats next to the straw. Note that the water must be hot, not boiling. The ideal water temperature is around 70-80 degrees. Use a straw to suck water from the cup and refill as many times as you like.

Tip: If you want to soften Mate's natural bitterness, sweeten the hot water with, for example, honey! You can also add a little sugar next to the straw before pouring the water.

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Ianzhima Iundunova

Ostettaessa kuvassa oli muki pillillä, mutta itse asiassa tuli vain muki. Tiedot ovat hämmentäviä, haluaisin selkeää tietoa, sitten kirjoita, että pilli myydään erikseen ja samalla kirjoittakaa hintaa. Tämä ei ole selvää, en halua maksaa lisää erillisestä toimituksesta.

Mikko Pirttimäki
Calabash Mate-kupp

Pieni ja homeessa sisältä. Ei jatkoon. 😔

Jani P.
Ei hyvä.

Liimaukset repeilivät ulkopuolelta, kuppi vuotaa.

Miro H.