"For us at Forsman, it's important that our teas are responsibly produced, that's why we order tea directly from local farmers and prefer organic and Fair Trade products."

We order our tea from China, India and Sri Lanka. Rooibos comes from South Africa and Mate from South America. The teas mainly come directly from the farmers, so we can be sure that there are no extra intermediaries in the production chain and that the tea meets our quality requirements. Read Aarne's story about our trip to China two years ago.

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We actively visit tea and herb plantations. For example, last winter we visited the farm where our Rooibos comes from in South Africa. As for rooibos, we are constantly increasing the amount of Fair Trade tea in our selection. We have Finland's largest Fair Trade loose tea selection and we work closely with Suomen Reilun Trade .

You can recognize a fair product by this brand. Fair trade Green Jasmine tea is one of our best-selling tea qualities.

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"Fair trade partner for more than 10 years."



Not forgetting organic

We invest in an ever-growing organic selection. Among other things, more than half of our new pyramid tea selection is organic. The availability of organic raw materials is limited, but we strive to increase our organic selection every year. Currently, we have almost 40 organic tea blends in our selection, and you can even find many organic teas on the shelves of your local store. Organic Ginger-Nettle Tea has already become a permanent favourite.

Our production complies with the FSSC22000 standard

Our production is certified in accordance with the requirements of the FSSC22000 ( Scheme for Food Safety Management) product safety standard . Thanks to the professional and consistent work of each employee, the products we manufacture are of high quality and safe. So you can happily enjoy a cup of Forsma tea.

We pack all our products in Vantaa

For better tea for 40 years,

- People of Forsman tea