Forsma tea shop interior
Forsma tea shop - A tea drinker's paradise:

Welcome to Forsman's own tea shop. In our selection of more than 500 tea qualities, you will find suitable teas and accessories for every situation. Our store is a true tea drinker's paradise, which is definitely worth traveling to from further afield.

We are the only operator in the world that manufactures all the tea blends using our own recipes in Finland. So this unique production process takes place right behind the store's wall!

In addition to this, the selection of our store has a limited batch of tea qualities and accessories that cannot even be found in our own online store.

So on to the tea pilgrimage!

Visiting hours:

Mon 11-16.30
Tue-Fri 11-18
Sat 10-15
Sun closed

Closed on Christmas holidays 25-26 December and New Year's Day 1 January 2024.

Address: Suokalliontie 7

01740 Vantaa

Phone: 045 775 004 40


Virtual presentation of the Forsma tea shop:

With the help of the virtual presentation below, you can get to know our store. You can move with the mouse or arrow keys. So first virtually to our store and later for real!

Location of the tea shop:

Our tea shop is located next to our tea factory in Viinikkala, Vantaa. Our store is clearly visible on Ring III.

It is a 15-minute drive to the airport and 25 minutes to the center of Helsinki. So you can, for example, come to pick up some goodies during your trip and spend a breather in our store.

Note Suokalliontie 7, Vantaa may not be found on all navigators, and in addition, the GPS connection in the area can occasionally be lost. It is therefore worth looking at the contact information for our store in the income instructions from the page.

Arriving by car:

There is plenty of parking space in the yard of our store, where even larger means of transport can be parked. So a tip for truck drivers and groups traveling by bus. There are two places for the disabled and the interior of the store is wheelchair accessible.

Public transport:

We recommend using from the route guide to find the most suitable route.

By bike to the place:

The store manager also enjoys cycling to work, so why not come to us by bike too. If you're coming from further afield or want a lighter bike ride, you can take your bike with you on the train. The nearest train stops are Aviapolis and Kivistö, which are approx. 4 km from our store. During the summer season, Alepa bikes are also available. There is a bike rack in front of the store.

The outside of the Forsma tea shop

Payment methods in the store:

In our store, you can pay with Visa Electron, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club, bank cards and cash.

Transactions in our tea shop:

Connoisseur of the tea world - on the client's behalf

In our store you will find the classics of the tea world and the latest novelties. Our expert staff helps you find the best taste pleasures and is happy to answer questions about, for example, tea brewing, health effects and tea cultures.

In our store, more than 300 different loose teas are displayed in our already famous red tin cans. In addition, our store offers several other interesting tea products, such as Pu-Erh cakes, tea rosaries and tea beads. In spring, you can find new crop teas in our store.

Our store also has a relaxed corner where you can take a break from shopping.

With us, you'll be happy even longer

You can come to us to spend time and have fun. Our store always offers a tea of ​​the week, so you can taste high-quality tea during your visit. At the store, you can also taste any tea on the shelf for free, upon request.

The store has a relaxed corner, where you can find tea-themed and other literature, magazine articles and coloring books for adults. The relaxed corner, suitable as a partner park, has comfortable sofas where you can spend a quiet moment while your partner goes shopping.

The relaxed corner of the Forsma tea shop