"Our production is the art of flavors"

- CEO Ari Santamäki

Our own tea factory is located in Viinikkala, Vantaa. Our tea factory is one of the largest in the Nordic countries, and all the tea we sell is seasoned and packed there. In connection with the factory, there is also the largest tea shop in Northern Europe, where you can buy tea, brews and utensils. Here's a little peek into our production.

"We regularly visit farms and know where our tea comes from"

"Raw teas" are imported directly from the producing countries, i.e. India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan and Vietnam. Rooibos comes from South Africa, while Mate comes from Chile and Brazil. Tea production starts with getting the raw material for the tea base from the warehouse. The different tea qualities are in good order, so finding them for "cooking" is easy. Each tea, quality and spice has its own shelf space in the warehouse.

In the next step, the actual preparation of the tea begins. The tea must first be checked and sifted to ensure uniformity. During tea screening, low-quality leaves, garbage and leaf roots are removed from it. Usually, the tea base sent by the partners is already screened, so this work phase is mostly quality control. Spices for flavored teas are added at this stage. Fruits, berries, herbs and natural aromas are mainly used for seasoning.

Forsman's motto is: "The best product is created from pure raw materials."

After sifting and flavoring, the tea goes to quality control a second time and then to the packing house. 60 g, 100 g and 1 kg packages and pyramid bags are all packed at the Vantaa factory. This ensures that every Forsman tea is top quality.

"Tea is a natural product, so its packaging requires care. We want to keep the tea leaves as intact as possible for customers, so that the taste is the best possible. We want to distinguish ourselves precisely because we sell real tea, not any flour"

"Our finished bags are packed in boxes and our warehouse manager Petri makes sure that they arrive on time on the store shelf or in the mail of the online store customers"

Loose tea
Ready bag