Yoga Chai Tea 60g

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Kevyt ja raikas

Vahva ja pehmeä

The spicy flavor world of the East is just one brew away

India has always been known for its very spicy food. You can find this spectrum of spices by brewing green India Yoga Chai tea, where the flavor world of the East is condensed into one first-class product.

The oriental taste of Yoga Chai comes from its balanced combination of cardamom, chili, fennel and mate tea. The cardamom itself already brings Indian trends with its spiciness, but when you add the fascinating mix of chili and fennel with a touch of South American mate, the combination is charmingly engaging.

Chai itself is known for its positive effect on the balance of body and mind. Green tea has its own health effects, such as stress relief and a sense of pleasure, which are due to the L-theanine contained in green tea.

Green tea, mate, cardamom, chili, fennel seeds and fruit oils.

1 tl / 2 dl 80°C 3-4min

Hauduta tätä itämaista mestariteosta 2-4 min 80 asteisessa vedessä saadaksesi erinomaisen maukkaan lopputuloksen.

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Pia T.
Yoga chai

Raikas, hyvän makuinen ja tasapainoittava tee.

Ansaitsee huomioni

Olen mustan teen ystävä. Kokemukseni mukaan minun kannattaa jättää vihreät ja valkoiset teet omaan rauhaansa. Mutta tässä kuitenkin on jotain. Tämä tee on persoonallinen chai tee. Se on sopivasti maustettu, kevyt ja tyydyttävä.