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A favorite of Finns and a sure choice for flu season!

Black Ginger Tea is a black tea containing a lot of real ginger root. You can recognize its wonderful strong ginger taste, even if you don't know which tea you are tasting. The tea in question is a great combination of the freshness of ginger and the strong softness of black tea. This taste experience has delighted many tea drinkers and is Forsman's most popular for a reason!

The cornerstone of black ginger tea is Indian black tea . Black tea is gently invigorating because of the tea it contains. Teine is the caffeine in tea. Its effect is slower and lasts longer.

When poured into a cup, there is no mistaking the smell of strong ginger. The balance of flavors is ensured by natural ginger oil that brings intensity. The bergamot oil known from Earl Gray softens the rough taste of ginger.

Black tea (India) 90%, Ginger pieces 9%, natural ginger and bergamot aroma 1%

Ginger has numerous beneficial health effects. Among other things, it promotes the functioning of the digestive system, is good for the joints, and relieves flu symptoms and fatigue.

So now brew black ginger tea to ease the feeling of a cold or just for its great taste. Add 2 teaspoons to about 2 deciliters of 95 degree water and steep for about 3-5 minutes for best results.

PS: You can add a little honey, lemon slices or fresh ginger to give it an extra kick. Ginger tea also tastes good as cold iced tea!

1tl/2dl 90-100°C 3-5 min

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Janne Hirvonen

Inkivääritee 60g

Niina Helenius
Musta inkivääritee/Niina

Tee oli ihanaa niin kuin aina ja lähetys tuli nopsaan perille.

Raimo Arhonen

Inkivääritee 60g

Timo Laine

Inkivääriä käytetään monissa (kalliissa) luontaistuotteissa, koska sen terveysvaikutukset ovat niin hyvät. Nyt vain odottelen nivelten notkistumista ja nautin inkivääriteetä.

Pepita Katajainen

Maailman paras tee! Vahva hyvä maku. Pelastaa aikaiset aamut ja yövuorot. Täyden 10 tuote. ❤️