Lapland Lemmenjuoma 60g

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Kevyt ja raikas

Vahva ja pehmeä

Straight from the fells of Lapland to warm your taste buds

Northern lights, nightless night and majestic fells have always been phrases that describe Lapland. With Lapin Lemmenjuoma, you can get into the atmosphere of Lapland in one cup of tea. Lapland's Lemmenjuoma is a magical flavor combination, with which your taste buds can levitate all the way to Lapland.

Lapland's Lemmenjuoman is a combination of lacquer, orange and clove in green tea. This way you get a wonderfully sweet, fruity and spicy drink.

Lapland's Lemmenjuoma is also very healthy. Varnish has been found to, among other things, prevent cancer, and it curbs the activity of many harmful intestinal bacteria. Lacquer is a real vitamin C bomb, and since this drink also contains orange, you will definitely get a good dose of the vitamin. Green tea is already healthy in itself because of L-theanine, and when you add the health effects of varnish and orange, it is a real superfood.

Chinese green Sencha, spiced with cloves, pieces of orange peel, natural lacquer oil.

1 tl / 2 dl 80°C 2-4min

Hauduta tätä Lappia kunnioittavaa vihreä teetä 80 asteessa 2-4 minuuttia. Tämä raikas herkku sopii oivallisesti myös alkoholittomaan booliin tai jääteeksi.

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