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A lovely tea Christmas calendar packed in Finland!

Tea Christmas calendar for even the most demanding taste. In the Tea Christmas calendar selection, you can find our traditional Tea Christmas calendar in three different options. This option is a model without a cover, because there's no point in covering up the beautiful interior!

Forsman's tea calendar has a total of 25 doors. The hatches contain 23 Forsman biodegradable pyramid tea bags and two hand-tied tea rosettes . There is a calendar for every day a wonderful surprise until Christmas, 16 of which are different types of tea.

The tea calendar's biodegradable pyramid bags have black, green, rooibos, unflavored and flavored, as well as wonderful tea rosettes.

The tea recipes are the handwriting of our CEO Ari Santamäki, a great tea enthusiast. Some of the classic flavors, some of the highly popular novelties and flavors developed especially for the calendar.

So there will be taste experiences for those who love both traditional flavors and tea lovers who are willing to experiment!

In addition to the tasting tour, the entire tea calendar is packed in recyclable Finnish cardboard, so it is a completely plastic-free option. The teas are packed in biodegradable pyramid tea bags made of biodegradable plant fiber. The tea calendar is therefore 100% recyclable!

This Christmas calendar is the result of work and professionalism, made in Finland to Finnish taste. The raw materials come to us from the countries of origin without intermediaries. Upon arrival at the Vantaa tea factory, we season and pack the tea qualities with 40 years of experience. Forsman has a tea calendar that is the only one of its kind in Finland, made from start to finish.

In addition to Finnish work, we also share responsibility with WWF's values. We have already started cooperation in 2019. We have chosen to support the protection of arctic nature as the aid target for this Christmas calendar. We donate 50 cents from each calendar to WWF for arctic nature protection and climate work . Even though the world won't change in an instant, we want to support more sustainable development with our activities, one small piece at a time.

From the tea calendar, 70-100% of Fair Trade ingredients are used. Forsman is Finland's largest seller of Fair Trade tea.

Tea calendar cardboard for cardboard recycling, tea bags with strings for organic waste. Tip: take advantage of the calendar dice next Christmas by filling them with whatever you want!

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FSSC 22000

For us, the safety of our products and the well-being of nature are key, that's why all our tea is organically cultivated.
- Read more about our responsible production...

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Kiva lahja josta riittää koko kuukaudelle ja parasta ystävä postitus. Ostan näitä myös ensi vuonna <3


Lahjana annetut kalenterit herättivät ihastusta!

Minja Vainio
Taattu laaduks ja hyvä

Ihania monipuolisia makuja laadukkaasti. Miinustähdet, koska hyvin samat maut kuin viimevuonna.

Satu Lipsanen
Satu Lipsanen

Kalenteri ekologinen ja kaunis.
Teet hieman tasapaksun makuisia, pahoittelut, mutta jotain säpäkkää olisi saanut olla joukossa tähän päivään asti.

Arto Rokkanen
toimitus ja idea hyvä

teelaatuja ei ole vielä kaikkia tietenkään maistettu, mutta toimitus oli nopea ja joulukalenteri hyvä ja mieluinen