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The absolute number one in tea strainers: The steel Easy strainer. In this strainer, the loose tea has room to open up and release all its flavors. The tea strainer is very dense, which means that even dust does not get lost in the tea.

The strainer is made of machine-washable stainless steel . Perfect for busy mornings or the workplace. Our sieve has received praise especially when brewing rooibos, as it comes through other sieves such as ball sieves from time to time.

Place a tea strainer in a cup or jug. Add loose leaf tea. Pour water at the right temperature depending on the tea quality. Brew the tea for the correct amount of time according to the package instructions and grab the strainer out of the cup. The tea should be brewed with the same leaves again. Finally, you can conveniently put the leaves in bio waste. The strainer is easy to clean thanks to its shape and smooth inner surface.

6 cm wide strainer part, wings width 9.5 cm and depth 6.5 cm. Perfectly fits, for example, the Arabian Moomin mug. It also fits the most common Arabic teapots, of course check the dimensions before buying. When using an even bigger mug, also look for a larger sieve in our handy option. Sieves can be easily stacked for storage.

Manufacturer: Aaro Forsman Oy

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Marja-Leena Kalpio

Hyvä ostos

Aulis Saarinen

Paljon parempi kuin aiemmat sihdit. Suosittelen.

Ros-Britt Fager

Easy teesihti

Päivi Niiranen


Anita R
Easy teesihti

Monenlaista teesihtiä olen kokeillut teen valmistuksessa ja nyt löytyi sellainen, joka jää käyttöön. Helppo täyttää, käyttää, tyhjätä ja pestä. Tykkään!