• With the new deal, the old customer accounts were removed
    • We apologize for any inconvenience caused by creating a new customer account
    • All customer accounts created before 28 October 2020 have expired.
  • The customer can use the account to view
    • your order history
    • print a receipt for your order at any time
    • your information
  • Here we explain the step-by-step instructions for setting up an account

1. Where can I create a new account?

  • Account
  • A pop-up window will open
  • Press from the pop-up window
    • " Register and get benefits! "

Zoomed pop-up window:

2. Fill in the customer information  

  • Fill in your information accordingly in the pop-up window¨
  • Write down your email and password so you can remember them in the future

  • When you press " Register" you will also log in to your account

The view in the upper corner changes due to registration:

  • Your name should be read in the upper corner

  • Address information is conveniently saved with your first order

3. I want to add my address information before the first order?

  • fill in your address information under " Add address information "

Address information form:

  • Note: set it as the default setting and you will never have to fill in the information again when making a purchase!

4. Prepare!

  • All information already filled in in the future!
  • Shopping is quick and easy
  • You can see all your previous orders in your account

In the future, the information will be pre-filled:

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