Matcha is a green ceremony tea made with traditional methods, which has the most abundant properties of green tea. Matcha contains many times more antioxidants, catechins and minerals compared to regular green tea, because in matcha the whole leaf is consumed. Green tea's L-theanine increases mental alertness and reduces stress. Matcha is an excellent supporter of weight loss.

In Gyokuro tea from the Hata farm in Kyoto, made with the most traditional Uji methods, the greenness, softness and sweetness of umami are in balance.

In the preparation of matcha, 1/2 teaspoon of matcha is mixed with 2 deciliters of 80-degree water and whisked with a bamboo or ordinary whisk until frothy. Inferior quality matcha should be tried in baking and mixed drinks. The trendy matcha latte is easy to prepare yourself: Add warm milk or herbal drink whipped with a whisk to the whipped matcha. You can also whisk the matcha directly into the milk. Vanilla sugar acts as a sweetener.

Try matcha and fall in love!