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Great unflavored green tea from Japan

Sencha is a traditional Japanese green tea. Tea leaves are usually grown in partial shade, which adds flavor and nutrients to them. After picking, it is rolled by hand into a needle-like shape and steamed. Steaming stops the oxidation of the tea and produces a beautiful green color. Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan. 80% of all tea produced in Japan is sencha.

On the palate, Sencha is lemony and grassy. There is also noticeable umami in the taste. The mouthfeel is dry.

Green tea has a lot of flavonoids and L-theanine. They help with stress, calm and improve concentration. L-theanine also produces a feeling of pleasure. Green tea helps the stomach function and speeds up digestion.

100% Japanese green Sencha tea.

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Customer Reviews

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Seppo Raevuori

Tämä sencha on tyyppinen japanilainen sencha. Maku on miellyttävä - ei makea, eikä karvas. Sopii hyvin aterian kanssa. Ei häiritse ruoan aromeja, mutta ei anna kovin suuria makunautintoja itse. Hyvä ja laadukas käyttötee.

Ville S.
En ole tee-expertti, mutta mulle

En ole tee-expertti, mutta mulle maistuu todella hyvin!