Summer tea 60g

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Mieto ja maustamaton

Hedelmäinen ja vahva

Delightful flavors of Summer in a teacup.

A summer song plays at the school's spring party. Summer vacation is finally here!

We condensed that feeling into one tea experience - and that's how Kesätee began.

Black Summer Tea has an enchanting combination of strawberry, naranquja and plum. This taste buds-loving whole has been enhanced with a combination of rose, keto pansy and sunflowers. The black India-Ceylon tea base is perfect for summer vibes, like a flower wreath on your head on Midsummer night.

Real flower petals have been used for summer tea. However, few people know that, for example, the rose has been chosen as the herbal plant of 2018. In addition to being beautiful in its own flower garden, it also tastes good in a cup of tea. Rose can also have beneficial effects, e.g. for digestion, immune defense and to tame the flu.

Black tea, rose, keto pansy and sunflower leaves, natural strawberry, naranqua and plum oil.

1 tl / 2 dl 90°C 3-5 min

Kokeile myös jääteenä: Hauduta 30 minuuttia huoneenlämpöisessä vedessä tai yön yli jääkaapissa. Annostele 1 tl kahta desilitraa kohden.

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For us, the safety of our products and the well-being of nature are key, that's why all our tea is organically cultivated.
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Hyvä tee

Hyvän makuinen tee, pitää kesäks ostaa toinenkin pussi tätä