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A tiltable teacup that makes brewing and enjoying tea easy!

The chip tea cup is made of UPM Formi EcoAce wood biocomposite, which comes from almost 100% renewable sources. The material has an 87% smaller carbon footprint than plastic. The material is from the by-products of the Finnish wood industry - so there is no need to cut down trees for it. The wood is collected only from sustainably managed forests. With the help of the angular base and the strainer, you can adjust the taste of the tea by tilting the Lastu teacup from side to side. Designer Laura Bougdanos, Vesa Jääskö Awards Good Design Award winner and Red Dot, Fennia Price and German Design Award nominee.

Machine washable.

Materials: Finnish wood biocomposite, stainless steel filter

Color Natural white with wood chips.

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