Lapsang Souchong 60g

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Kevyt ja raikas

Vahva ja savuinen

Traditional Chinese smoked black tea!

Lapsang Souchong is a black large-leaf oxidized tea with a strong smoky flavor created by burning tarry pine and spruce roots and branches under the tea during preparation. The oxidized tea is placed in bamboo grates where they are allowed to smoke properly. Lapsang is produced especially in China, Anhui province.

In the 17th century, Lapsang was the classic quality of the English royal family, but later it also found its way into the hands of ordinary citizens. Sales were only made through pharmacies because Lapsang Souchong was valued as a medicine fit for a king.

PS: It is very suitable to be enjoyed with a piece of lemon, which brings a little freshness and acidity. In addition, it is especially good after strong and spicy dishes as a jäki food tea or with smoked food as a snack.

Black smoked large leaf tea.

1 tl / 2 dl 90-100°C 3-5 min

Tehtaanmyymälän Joonan suositus on hauduttaa tätä historian lehtiä havisuttavaa, savuisuutta uhkuvaa mustaa teetä, 2tl/2dl 90-100 asteessa 2-7 min maun mukaan.

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Lapsang Souchong

Tervainen. Suuhun jää paha jälkimaku. Liian savuinen.

Sanna Kurimo

Lapsang Souchong 60g

Johanna Pispa
Lapsang Souchong

Maailman paras tee!

Outi K
Ikivanhan metsän haikuja teepöytään

Lapsang Souchong on tee, joka kuljettaa nautiskelijansa ikivanhoihin havumetsiin, ja aktivoi aistit hennon savun ja tervan tuoksuihin. Tähän ei voi kyllästy milloinkaan.

Juhani M.
12 x Lapsang Souchong 60g

Tämä oli uutta minulle ja olen positiivisesti yllättynyt, maku ja aromi, niistä täydet pisteet!