Organic Mocktail Iced Tea Lemon herbal tea 1kg

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Lemon Mocktail - the freshest drink of the summer

Organic Mocktail Lemon is a caffeine-free mocktail, i.e. an iced tea drink with a touch of spice.

Throw in a fresh lemon and taste. Summer's calorie-free thirst quencher won't leave anyone cold (although it's worth drinking it cold.)

The lemon mocktail also serves as the base of the ball and it doesn't get bitter for a long time when brewed, because Rooibos does not contain catechins! On the palate, the drink is slightly lemony and differs significantly from the usual red rooibos.

1 tsp / 2 dl 30 min. cold water, add ice if you want.
1 tsp / 2 dl 5-8 min. 90-100 °C

The drink is completely caffeine-free.

Organic green Rooibos 81%, organic citrus pieces 7%, organic lemongrass 7%, organic lemon verbena 3%, natural citrus and chili flavoring 2%

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