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With a ceramic teapot, you can prepare, for example, black tea for morning refreshment or rooibos for the last moments of the evening. The beautiful and traditional design makes the Metsä teapot a great addition to every tea drinker's tableware.

The jug contains a strainer made of stainless steel, in which the tea is easily brewed. The design of the pouring spout makes it easier to serve tea without unnecessary spillage.

You can conveniently brew a few cups of your favorite tea with a six deciliter teapot. There is also a nine-deciliter version of the teapot, which you can use to serve tea to a larger group.

The height of the pan is 11.5 cm and the diameter of the base is 6 cm. Weight 462g.

The diameter of the sieve is 6 cm and the depth is 7.2 cm.

Package dimensions 18.2 x 12 x 13.2 cm. Weight 638g.

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Metsä 600ml

Tapio Ojalehto

Kannu hyvä, mutta suodattimessa turha iso reikä, josta tee- ym. lehdet valuvat juoma-astiaan.