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Kaavoihin kangistunut..

Tee Mitä Haluat!

Follow your calling and Do What You Want!

Do What You Want is a caffeine-free blend of herbal teas. So you are sensitive to caffeine, have evening tea without a mixture or otherwise just enjoy herbal drinks - this is the right option!

Relaxing Unitee - herbal tea x 2

Blackcurrant Hibiscus – herbal tea x 2

Rooibos Desert cream - herbal tea x 2

Organic rosehip-chamomile herbal tea x 2

Organic Anti-Stress - herbal tea x 2

The grades are Forsman's most popular herbal tea grades.

10 individually packed herbal pyramid teas

Relaxing Unitee:

green Rooibos 70%, lemon verbena 8%, lavender 5%, linden flower 5%, licorice root 3%, chamomile 3%, heather 2%, valerian root 2%, natural citrus aroma


Blueberry 30%, hibiscus 28%, rosehip 25%, blackcurrant leaf 8%, licorice root 6%, natural blackcurrant aroma.

Rooibos Desert Cream:

Rooibos 94%, chamomile 2.5%, strawberry pieces 1.5%, natural aroma.

Organic rosehip-chamomile:

Organic rosehip 70%, organic chamomile 28%, natural aroma

Organic Anti-Stress:

Organic hibiscus 50%, organic rosehip 20%, organic hawthorn 10%, organic lemongrass 10%, natural aroma

In addition to the taste journey, the package is completely recyclable, so it is a completely plastic-free option. The teas are packed in biodegradable pyramid tea bags made of biodegradable plant fiber. The packaging is therefore 100% recyclable!

Box, tea bag tag and envelope for cardboard recycling, tea bag with string for organic waste

In the Do What You Want package, 40% are organic teas!

Forsman is one of Finland's largest importers of organic teas. Making organically produced tea qualities available to Finnish tea drinkers is of paramount importance. By buying organic teas, you support the best practices in terms of the environment and climate, among others: enabling wide biological diversity, saving natural resources and animal welfare. By supporting Ennenkaikke, you will continue to guarantee the availability of high-quality organic products for Finnish consumers.

This package is the result of work and professionalism, which is made in Finland for Finnish taste. The teas come to us from their countries of origin without intermediaries. Upon arrival at the Vantaa tea factory, we prepare, season and pack the tea qualities with forty years of experience.

Relaxing Unitee:

2.5 dl cup, brew at 90-100 °C for about 5-10 min.


2.5 dl cup, brew at 100 °C for about 5 min.

Rooibos Desert Cream:

3 dl cup, brew at 100 °C for about 5-10 min.

Organic rosehip-chamomile:

3 dl cup, brew at 80 °C for about 5-10 min.

Organic Anti-Stress:

3 dl cup, brew at 90-95 °C for about 5-8 min.

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FSSC 22000

For us, the safety of our products and the well-being of nature are key, that's why all our tea is organically cultivated.
- Read more about our responsible production...

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Tee mitä haluat- yrttiteet

Aivan ihanat yrttiteen maut samassa paketissa. Suosittelen lämpimästi! Yksi huono puoli, loppuvat liian pian, eli pakkauskoko saisi olla puolet isompi, ovat niin äärettömän hyviä ja kofeiinittomasta iso plussa!

Annika A.
Mukava valikoima makuja. Tulee hyvän

Mukava valikoima makuja. Tulee hyvän makuinen tee, kun on pyramidipussi