Winter Magic White and Green 60g

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Kevyt ja raikas

Voimakas ja lämmittävä

A sure choice to warm up the winter evenings

Winter magic is one of Forsman's most popular Christmas tea qualities. Its beauty lies in the fact that the taste is not too Christmasy. The magic of winter will keep your taste buds enchanted throughout the long winter, and you won't get bored of it!

It is a blend of white and green tea flavored with real lotus flowers and lingonberry and vanilla oil. The taste is not sharp at all, because the rich vanilla softens and rounds out the lingonberry taste. White tea brings a light floweriness to the whole!

White tea is low in caffeine and mild in taste, so green Sencha, which tastes stronger, is a good partner for it. Green tea contains a lot of caffeine, i.e. tein, which is balanced by white tea. This can therefore be very suitable for evening tea, as the caffeine content is between white and green tea.

Tip: Christmas tea is perfect for e.g. as a little Christmas present, but on Christmas Eve it is already helplessly "late". Who wants Christmas-flavored tea around New Year's? The magic of winter is exceptionally suitable as a gift throughout the winter and cheers up the recipient even in January, because the taste is not "tied to the season"!

A glowing mixture of green and white tea, spiced with lingonberry-vanilla oil and lotus flowers.

1 tl / 2 dl 70-80°C 2-5 min

Hauduta 1 teelusikka kahteen desiin 80 asteista vettä ja anna hautua noin 2-3 minuuttia.

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Täydellisin tee

Pala taivasta. En ole ehkä koskaan juonut tämän täydellisempää teetä. Rakastan!

Tuija Karhunkoski

Valkoinen Vadelma Valkoinen tee 30 g

Melkein jopa täydellistä

Ihanan pehmeän makuinen. Vadelma tulee miedosti esiin. Tykkäsin todella paljon!

Erikoinen maku

En tiedä, menikö haudutus jotenkin pieleen, mutta maku oli niin paha, että loppupussi lensi roskiin.

On hyvä!

Todella hyvän makuinen, meni kyllä lempparilistalle heittämällä!