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Cinnamon and apple - It reminds me of Christmas!

Sometimes it can seem like Christmas brings more stress than peace. Then it's good to take a moment for yourself and make a cup of Organic Green Christmas Tea. Soon you will be able to enjoy the captivating smell of cinnamon apple spreading into your home, and taste this enchanting Christmas tea pleasure. Rushes and stress blow away like ashes in the wind.

Green Christmas tea gets its flavor from organic green Sen Cha tea, which brings the health effects of green tea's L-theanine and a little sweetness to the drink. In addition to this, there is cinnamon-apple oil in our Christmas tea , which brings the Christmas spirit to anyone. Elderflowers add the final touch to the enchanting ensemble.

So this Christmas, for a change, try green tea instead of mulled wine. We promise that this tea, which has already become a classic, will bring at least the same amount of Christmas spirit to the whole family.

Green Organic Sencha with added cinnamon-apple oil and elder flowers.

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