Zara Matt pink 1000ml

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A lovely ceramic pot for every tea time!

A tea pot full of harmony for a large group at a really reasonable price!

Zara's unique design guarantees a capacity of one liter, which will surely convince even the most demanding tea drinker.

The pan has easy-to-use features and is practical to use. The lid rises up by pressing the lever on the side of the handle. With the other hand, you can easily lift the strainer out after brewing. The lid is on the pan and it cannot drip off.

Zara is suitable for the novice loose tea drinker as well as for those who have been drinking it for a long time.

The cover and strainer are made of stainless steel. The jug part is ceramic.

After use, rinse and leave to dry.

If necessary, hand wash with detergent and a dish brush. Do not put in the dishwasher.

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Itsessään pannu on kaunis. Mutta kerran käytön jälkeen jo tummu sisältä. Erittäin hankala pestä. Huonoin juttu oli kun sihdin korkeus on niin matala että jos keität vähemmän teetä niin purut eivät haudu vedessä koska ei yllä sihti veteen.
Tämä sama ongelma on yleensä kaikissa pannuissa.