Rich Matcha, Matcha Latte 30g

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The green gift of the East for your drinks

Finely ground green tea from the leaves of the late summer harvest from the Kyoto area. The taste of Rich Matcha is fresh green, sweet and soft.

Rich Matcha brings a fresh taste to drink mixes and pastries and a jaw-dropping visual look. It also already contains cane sugar, which is healthier than regular sugar, so that you no longer have to worry about sweetening.

Of course, it works just as well when prepared in water, hot or cold.

You will need:
½-1 tsp Rich Matcha powder
2 dl heated milk or vegetable drink
(And anything else you can think of to add.)

Heat the drink but do not let it boil.
Add Rich Matcha powder to the heated drink and stir.

For best results, pour the drink into a wide cup or bowl and whisk with a matcha whisk. A matcha whisk made of bamboo smooths the lumps of flour and creates a beautiful light foam on the surface.

The better the foams, the better the drinks!

In matcha, the health effects of green tea are manifold. By drinking a cup of matcha every day, you get important antioxidants for the body, which strengthen immunity.

The amount of caffeine in tea is also higher, so matcha is good to start the day or bring energy for the rest of the day. However, green tea also contains L-theain, which relaxes, relieves anxiety and improves concentration.

Losing weight also gets support, because green tea accelerates the metabolism. So plus minus zero, enjoy your matcha drinks and pastries with pleasure ;)

Japanese green tea powder 85.7% and cane sugar 14.3%.

½-1tl / 2dl 80°C

Lisää Rich Matcha-jauhetta makusi mukaan mihin juomaan vaan – veteen, maitoon, kasvijuomiin, alkoholillisiin drinkkeihin esimerkiksi mojitoon.

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FSSC 22000

For us, the safety of our products and the well-being of nature are key, that's why all our tea is organically cultivated.
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