How to make the best iced tea

How to make the best iced tea
Many tea qualities are excellent for iced tea. Be it black tea , green tea , white tea , Rooibos or flavored tea . It is a matter of taste which tea quality makes the best iced tea. All types of tea are suitable for making iced tea, although usually cold brewing uses types of tea that do not become bitter easily during long brewing. We recommend paradise sencha and fair trade lime lemon from our green tea selection.Anti-stress , Rooibos blood orange and cleansing detox herbal tea are certainly suitable choices for herbal tea lovers. Matcha and superior blueberry are also worth trying. The natural berry flavor of hibiscus goes well with cold brewed iced tea!

Cold brew

 Iced tea can be made from hot or cold water. A tea leaf brewed in cold water produces less bitter catechin and caffeine. Cold brewed tea is soft and easy to drink. When steeping in cold water, dose the tea leaves as in the usual brewing (as a general guideline, 1 tsp/2dl). The brewing time is about 8 hours, after which the tea leaves are removed and you can enjoy fresh iced tea.

Hot stew

If necessary, making iced tea can also be done faster than the previous methods. If you want to speed up the brewing, prepare the tea directly in hot water as follows . Dose double the amount of tea compared to normal. For example, 5 teaspoons of tea leaves and 0.5 l of water. Brew the tea in hot water according to the instructions. When the tea is ready, remove the tea leaves and add as much cold water to the tea as you brewed the tea (e.g. 0.5 l). Mix well and add ice to make the drink even colder. Serve.

Iced tea can be sweetened with sugar, honey or sweeteners. Pieces of fruit and herbs such as mint also go well with iced tea.

Making fresh iced tea


  • 3 tsp Forsman Paradise Sencha 🛒
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  • 5dl of fresh water

  • Recipe

    1. Measure 5.5 teaspoons of tea leaves per one liter of water
    2. Transfer the tea to the refrigerator and infuse overnight
    3. The tea is ready to enjoy in the morning
    Stewing is also possible To the Forsman tea bottle , when you can do this.
    1. Pour 2.5 teaspoons of leaves into a tea bottle
    2. From now on, pour cool water over it, after which you can close the bottle and brew for about 8 hours
    3. You can take the bottle on a trip, to work, or even to the gym.

    Attached you will find our different iced tea recipes . (from the sidebar)

    Everything you need to know about brewing tea

    Everything you need to know about brewing tea

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