Soft meringue cake or Pavlova is a delicious dessert for any charming moment or celebration. Now you can also try this mouth-watering dessert with a touch of tasty matcha . Withchocolatechips has created a recipe that includes matcha and panna cotta. He says that matcha was a new but attractive acquaintance, with which he conjured up this great matcha pavlova.


Put Chinese matcha in the meringue base and summer harvest Japanese matcha in the matcha syrup. Also sprinkle some Japanese matcha, which is a beautiful bright green, as a decoration.

Ingredients for the base:

4 proteins
2.5 dl fine sugar
1 tbsp matcha
2 teaspoons of cornstarch
1 teaspoon of wine vinegar.

Whip all the egg whites. After that, mix sugar and matcha. Add the matcha sugar mixture to the foam one spoonful at a time, whisking at the same time. Continue whipping until the sugar crystals have melted and the meringue foam is evenly smooth. After this, you can add the cornstarch and vinegar by turning. Then extrude the patterned bases you want onto the tin. Bake in circulating air at 110 degrees Celsius for about 1.5 hours, until they seem crispy. Turn off the oven and leave it slightly ajar. Allow the base to cool in the residual heat of the oven.

Matcha syrup ingredients:

2 tsp matcha
1.5 dl of sugar
1.5 dl of water

Mix matcha and sugar in a pot. Then you can add water and cook the syrup on a low heat for about 10 minutes, until the mixture thickens a little. Finally, cool.

Filling ingredients:

2.5 dl of whipped cream
250 g of milk curd
Sugar and vanilla sugar to taste

Pieces of fruit.
For example kiwi, mango and cantaloupe.

Whip the cream and add the milk curd. Season with sugar and beat as smooth as possible. Fill the cooled bases with foam and fruit. Finally, sift more matcha on top and pour on the mouth-watering matcha syrup. Serve as soon as possible 🤗.

Matcha panna cotta pie.

Matcha panna cotta pie.

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